Did you know that ONE flap of a butterfly’s wings impacts weather patterns on the other side of the world?

Staying the same IS NOT an option! As you transform into the most authentic version of who God created you to be, you become a woman of impact…A WORLD-CHANGER.

If you're ready to RE-INVENT your life with “soul-level clarity” so that you can turn your pain into purpose & use your story to bring GOD glory ...EVEN IF life didn’t turn out the way you expected...


Click the button below to schedule a call and I’ll help you get super clear about where you are, what your next season looks like and what’s keeping you from stepping into your next level RIGHT NOW!

"I was able to reinvent my life and career after following Angela's method..."

Angela helped me tremendously in sorting through all of the areas of my life that needed both healing and clarity, so that I could move forward and connect to my true purpose and God-given passion in my personal, family and professional life. 
 —Lauren B., Cheif Color Strategist

"Angela not only helped me find clarity, but she helped me find my confidence!"

“Before working with Angela, I was at a crossroads. I had invested in all kinds of coaches but nothing was moving me forward. Angela is a mentor, guiding light and loving accountability coach that helped me take bold action and show up for my clients 100%. She goes above and beyond." —Nancy G., Healthy Lifestyle Coach

This Clarity Call is Perfect for the Woman Who:

  • Values personal development as her primary focus, at this time (even if she's been trying to keep all of the plates spinning in the air without crashing down.)
  • ​Is ready to improve her life so that she can live with more purpose and intention.
  • ​Longs to use her story to bring God glory (even if life didn't turn out the way she expected).
  • Has a deep desire to live an extraordinary life and make a bigger impact.
  • ​Is often seen as "having it all together" but she's ready to stop being her own worst enemy.
  • ​May be in transition, but she's ready to step into the BEST chapter of her life (even if she's been "playing it safe"...)
  • ​Is ready to cultivate mindsets that are condusive to self-love, self-acceptance and self-leadership.
  • ​Feels a longing to evolve and emerge into her highest calling.
  • ​Is ready to claim her voice, clarify her message and changing the world around her.
I Can Totally Relate...
If we haven't met yet, my name is Angela Aja.

I had the perfect life. I grew up in the ministry with my parents. My dad was a pastor. Serving others was a lifestyle. I knew that I had a call on my life to help people since I was in the 3rd grade. That call directed me. I told God that I would be happy to be single, serving as a missionary on the other side of the world for the rest of my life but, I went to Bible College, met a fiery young preacher and that changed everything…and together we had a thriving ministry for almost 25 years.

After 25 years of marriage and the ministry, my life got turned upside down. I went from “1st Lady of the Church” to “divorced, single mom” I went from speaking in the pulpit to selling windows door-to-door. I went from living in a beautiful ranch to sleeping on the floor in an apartment with my kids and wearing a Rolex with diamonds to standing in the food stamp line.

I realized that I could turn my tragedies into triumphs, my mess into my message and use my story to bring God glory. 

My life radically transformed and I realized I wanted to do the same for other women. I became a transformational life coach, wrote a best-selling book called Summoned to Soar – Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman and empowering women mentally, emotionally and Spiritually so that they can evolve and emerge into their highest calling with confidence 
EVEN IF life hasn’t turned out as expected.

That's why I’ve dedicated my life to educating, equipping and empowering women, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so that they can evolve and emerge into their highest calling with confidence.

It's the reason I created Crowned with Purpose™ so that women can claim their voice, clarify their message and change the world around them.

It’s no accident you’re here…Divine synchronicity is at work!

Let's Jump on the Phone Together & Accomplish Some Great Things...

  • We'll take a deep dive into what's going on in your current situation.
  • ​We'll get super clear about what's been blocking you from the desires of your heart. 
  • ​We'll come up with a plan and set some strategic goals to get you moving forward FAST.
  • You'll walk away with "soul-level clarity" about your best next steps.
  • ​You'll feel empowered to evolve & emerge into your highest calling!

It's Time to Claim Your Voice, Clarify Your Message & Change the World Around Your!

"I am living my purpose, FIERCELY!"

I made a quality decision to invest in my future by working with Angela, and I believe it was the best decision I have made this year! My confidence has soared through the roof, I have pristine clarity of my life vision and purpose. I've grown by leaps and bounds in every arena in every arena of my life. Family and friends have noticed the positive impact this program has had on me and have given me positive feedback.
  —Beatrice S.

"I promise you, working with Angela will change your life and it will most definitely unlock confidence at your core!"

"I knew I needed something, although I wasn't sure what. I was stuck in the middle, bogged down with life. Rushing around, trying to be everything for everyone, hold it all together, make all the ends meet and at the end of the day I felt tired, empty, purposeless. I feel like I know who I am and what I want for the first time in a very long time. " 
Lacie H., Publishing Strategist
How would your life be different... if you could:
  • ​Re-establish a firm inner-foundation by leveraging my Self-Leadership Method™ so that you can govern your life well without all of the daily overwhelm, negative self-talk and mental exhaustion?
  • ​Explode your confidence as you re-align with the most powerful version of yourself & re-invent your life from the inside out by experiencing an Identity Makeover™
  • ​Use my Mindset Rest™ Blueprint to stop self-sabotaging, self-sacrificing & over-apologizing with neuro-framing, a simple technique that allows you to create the life of your dreams without feeling selfish.
  • ​Gain back more control over your thoughts, patterns & emotions with my Pathway to Personal Power™ Roadmap even if you’ve felt stuck in a rut or so that you can set healthy boundaries. 
  • ​Become motivated by a sense of destiny as you re-connect to your God-given mission, vision & purpose by designing a Life Purpose Portfolio™.
  • ​Unlock massive clarity about the call on your life using my signature “Once-Upon-a-Time” Story™ Framework, so that you can re-script the narrative of your life from a powerful perspective. Your story matters!

"Angela came into my life at the moment I needed her!"

Angela came into my life at the moment I needed her! I believe this was, indeed, part of God’s plan for me! You set me on a path to live on purpose - to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH again.
I am forever grateful for this program that supported my rise to be the women God intended me to be!!”
  —Brenda A., Title Company

"As a child I believed I could do anything..."

"As a child I believed I could do anything - that I was made for greatness. But then life happened and rocked that belief to it's core. I experienced setback after setback. Through this amazing experience, I reconnected with my feelings of greatness, identified my values and found my purpose again!Silvia Gale, Certified Grief Specialist

"Get ready to be empowered to discover and be the woman God has created you to be!"

God’s grace, together with Angela’s voice, helped me to feel HOPE for my future in this life and realize that what the enemy would have me believe are weaknesses in me were incredible storehouses of strength! Instead of feeling aimless, my life is now driven by destiny; instead of drowning in waves of doubt and self-defeat, I now feel I can rise above the waves with the power of my voice; instead of living in uncertainty, I’m living my best life, guided my my mission and values! I’m so thankful for Angela and her ministry and recommend her wholeheartedly to any woman who is ready to be empowered to be the woman God created you to be.  —Davida F., Missionary 

"I find myself BETTER..."

"The experience was life changing for me. It changed the direction of my thinking, in general, my belief in myself and in the power that I hold within me to change my situation. " 
Angie S., Teacher

"Get ready to be empowered to discover and be the woman God has created you to be!"

“Angela works with heart and passion! She helped me find my purpose again and gain balance, joy and growth in my personal life as well as with my business. I am very grateful I had the opportunity and experience of working with Angela." 
 —Nicole B., Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

"Angela brings incredible healing and insight!"

"Angela possesses a rare quality that allows her to customize and guide each session in a way that brings incredible insight and healing." —Allyson M., Entrepreneur

"I even improved my health & weight issues that I had been plagued with for years..."

"Angela has been instrumental in changing my life for the Glory of God. Before partnering with her, I had a lot of self-esteem issues and needed validation from others before moving forward in any area of my life."
"  Vernita P., Business Owner, Tacoma, Washington


What Will I Walk Away With From a Clarity Call?

As if walking away with soul-level clarity wasn't enough, you will have a plan so that you can move forward, with or without the help of Coach Angela. Most women report that after one phone call, they feel heard, understood and like the weight of  the world has been lifted off of her shoulders. 

What Happens During a Clarity Call?

Coach Angela will call you at the phone number you provided at the time that you selected. A Clarity Call is done over the phone, however, you can request a Zoom appointment if you prefer to be face to face. Once you choose the date and time for your call, you will answer a questionnaire so that Coach Angela can have a better understanding about where you are at and where you are wanting to go. Once you are on the call, you can ask questions and share your heart. You will walk away with massive clarity about how to move forward.

How Should I Prepare For a Clarity Call?

Make sure you've answered the questionnaire when scheduling th appointment. A Clarity Call is a "judgement-free zone". It's a safe place where you will feel heard, honored and treasured. If you're like most women who experience a Clarity Call, you will feel understood and life will make a little more sense. So, bring paper and pen so that you don't miss a thing. Show up, come with an open heart and pray over our time together.Coach Angela will guide you through a sweet conversation so that you don't have to worry about a thing. 

What If I Can't Make the Call?

Coach Angela is a mom of four and a grandma so she understands that life happens. If you can't make the call, you can reschedule and a 24-hour notice would be appreciated. Her request, however is that if you schedlue a call to please be on the call with pen and paper available. 

How Long is a Clarity Call?

A Clarity Call is between 30 and 45 minutes. Coach Angela makes it her goal to connect with you right away so that she can really understand where you are and where you want to go so that she can help you come up with a plan to get there. You can share your heart and ask questions throughout the call.
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