The Crown™ 
VIP Experience

A Custom-Designed, One-Day VIP Coaching Experience for Successful, Women in Leadership  

Accomplish in ONE-DAY What Would Normally Take 3-6 Months to Attain (WITHOUT Waiting Months or Even Years to Reap the Rewards)

Apply Here to Reserve Your Complimentary Strategy Session to Customize Your VIP Day
(1-Day & 2-Day Options Are Available)

Angela is a delight & to spend the day with her is a true VIP experience.

 It was a fun filled & productive day! I didn’t have a clear direction what I wanted. Angela’s expertise helped me progress to find several different opportunities. Then she wrote, produced & filmed 2 videos for me to post online!!! I had been putting it off and she made it fun & profitable! And to top it off, she served my favorite snacks, drinks & a festive lunch!!!
CEO & Founder of Spiritual Warfare University

Applying for The Crown™ VIP Experience is PERFECT for...

Influential Women in a High-Pressure Role

That Leaves Little Time to ENJOY Your Success...

Women CEO's, Successful Female Coaches or Female Ministry Leaders 

You are a Kingdom-influencer but your heart longs to step more fully into your 
"for such a time as this".

High-Achieving Women Who Are at a Turning-Point

You have seen success. You set the standard. You are ready to create another SHIFT but you aren't sure what it is! You are ready to BECOME who you need to be in your next level.

Women Who Place a High-Value on Investing Their Time & Energy to Reap a Big ROI

You devote your time & energy into everyone and everything else around you but you are ready to invest your time & energy into YOU so that give more and add more value from a place of overflow. You want to GIVE MORE & add more value WITHOUT pouring from an empty cup.

Women Who Place a High-Value on Their Impact, Influence & Income 

You want to make a massive impact, leave a legacy AND create real wealth by making an income (without having to choose between one or the other)...

Women Who Place a High-Value on Their Clarity

You know that where the vision is unclear, it hinders forward progression. You value clarity around your ever-expanding vision and appreciate having fresh perspective. 


... by pressurizing the breakthrough that you need into a concentrated amount of time so that you don't have to wait months, or even years to reap the rewards?

What if you could accomplish in one day, what you would normally take 3 to 6 months to attain?  

As an enterprising woman, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to take a break from the daily grind, the tyranny of the urgent and the madness of the mundane – to step away from the distractions and disruptions that demand your attention. 

 As a nurturer by nature, you give and give and give. You carry the weight of success on your shoulders but it's gotten too heavy to carry alone. You've seen success, yet significance may be alluding you.

Whether you are ready to tailor-design your next season, in transition or temped to throw in the towel...

The Crown™ VIP Experience a time for you to strategize your next move and give some much-needed attention to your thoughts but with a demanding schedule, you need to focus your efforts.

Your organization is an extension of who you are. If you want your organization to expand, you have to expand your inner-foundation. It's time for VIP coaching intensive that will set you up for a revenue revival, 
relationship re-alignment and a renewed perspective to go to your next level.

Apply today, for a custom-designed, one or two day coaching experience that you'll never forget.

Your VIP Experience will be tailored to your specific needs so that you can 

How would life be different... if you:
  • ​Had a trusted confidant who you could be open with WITHOUT worrying about being judged?
  • ​Had somewhere to go to BE REAL and be vulnerable without feeling exposed?
  • ​Had a safe environment, a judgement-free zone where you could feel refreshed EVEN IF your empire has been sucking the life out of you?
  • ​Had a chance to step out of the ordinary, day-to-day routine and into an extraordinary day of refueling EVEN IF you've been on the verge of a burnout?
  • ​Had a place to go to BRAINSTORM & STRATEGIZE what your NEXT-LEVEL would look like EVEN IF you've outgrown your current level of success?

It’s time for a RESET!
Spending the day at the spa is temporary but spending the day with Coach Angela re-sets your internal compass and rejuvenates your soul so that you can focus on your building your legacy.

If you’re tired of hearing, “it’s lonely at the top”...

48% of female founders report a lack of available advisors and mentors which limits their personal growth. The crown, heavy laden with jewels, requires support to sustain the weightiness of its impact, and so do YOU

If you’re ready for accountability that supports you and feels safe in a judgment-free zone…you’re at the right place at the right time! Divine synchronicity is at work!

If you've struggled to find “work/life balance” yet you juggle more plates than a 
circus act…

Your queenly ability to organize and administrate your affairs gets overshadowed by the need to survive the day to day grind but it’s time to let the crown lead and govern your life well! 

Wearing the crown takes more than balance. I’ll make sure you are poised and perfectly positioned so that your CROWN aligns with your CALLING EVEN IF you feel like you've been burning the candle at both ends...

If you've been told, “it’s better to give than to receive” yet you're pouring from an empty cup…I get a queen, you are a nurturer by nature.

You are well-versed in extending your royal and giving and giving yet end up neglecting your own mental and emotional well-being. You over-give which leaves you feeling drained, depleted and exhausted.

However, the full cycle of abundance is the ability to give and receive. Receiving is essential to a life of impact. My mission is to GIVE to the GIVERS. YES, YOU…so that you can give from a place of abundance and experience overflow!

If you’re fed up with hearing things like, “you can’t let them see you sweat” and “you have to be strong”, yet you have been burned by  letting your guard down with the wrong people...

Even powerful women unintentionally downplay their own worth and suffer, secretly and silently, from an internal fear of failure. They don’t feel like they have anyone that they can let their guard down with, yet you are a connector. The Crown™ is a place where queens connect through vulnerability and sincerity.

If you have heard them say “it’s a man’s world” yet you recognize that your feminine presence sets you apart…high-5 and fist-pump, Sister!

As a queen, you have the unique ability to give birth – not just to children but to the majestic dreams and desires that were deposited in you before you were in your mother’s womb. Just as a woman in labor has the ability to endure the intense pressure that expands the birthing canal, you have all of the resources to shift and expand to make way for your imperial purpose and call.
The Crown™ is an opportunity to be supported as you BIRTH your regal purpose that will have a lasting effect. This is not a man’s world…it is your world and I’m here to be the midwife to your royal destiny. If you feel the shift and you are ready to transition…this is your moment in time.

If we haven't met yet, my name is Angela Aja...

I equip, empower & educate high-acheiving women, Kingdom-minded impacters who have already acheived success but their next-level has become their ceiling. If that's you, it may feel like you're at a turning-point, ready to do what it takes to bust through the ceiling and soar into their step more fully into their "for such a time as this".

I've been successful, lost it all, allowed God to turn my ashes into beauty and comeback from my setbacks. What made the difference in me? Immersion Coaching Intensives. Immersion is saturation. Saturation proceeds MASSIVE EXPANSION

The Crown™ VIP Experience is an Coaching Intensive that gives you all of the benefits of pressurizing your breakthrough over a concentrated amount of time without waiting months, or even years to reap the rewards. 

Apply TODAY!

The Crown™ VIP Experience will leave you filled up and overflowing with clarity (emotionally, mentally and Spiritually) and a strategic project-plan to go out and live at your NEXT-LEVEL

The 1-Day VIP Immersion Coaching Intensive

6 hours of One2One, Immersion Coaching with Coach Angela so that you shift you into your next season and launch you into your next level. You will master your mindsets, create momentum and have a strategic action-plan to create maximum impact.

The 2-Day VIP Immersion Coaching Intensive

12 hours of One2One, Immersion Coaching with Coach Angela so that you shift you into your next season and launch you into your next level. You will master your mindsets, create momentum and have a strategic action-plan to create maximum impact.


NEXT-LEVEL Customized Strategic Business Intensive

Mindset Mastery Intentsive so that You Can Get Unstuck FAST

Design Your Book, Your Program or Your Business of Impact in a Day

Marriage Intensive or Spiritual Renewal Intensive

NEXT-LEVEL Customized Life Re-Design Intensive so that You Can Be the CEO of YOU!

Identity Makeover Intensive (From the Inside-Out)...a Personal Re-Branding


What Happens Once I Sign-Up?

Your VIP Experience Concierge™ will reach out to you to discuss all of the details of your Customized VIP Day and give you a welcome packet, as well as schedule your Pre-Experience Call with Coach Angela. 

What Tangibles Do I Walk Away With?

As if walking away with massive clarity and extreme confidence wasn't enough, you will also walk away from your experience with access to any recordings, materials, training, and resources that are recommended by Coach Angela. You also walk away with a 90-day strategy and project plan so that you can accomplish all of the things discussed during your experience. Not only that, but you will have a VIP Experience Concierge™, a VIP Pre-Experience Call with Coach Angela and  (2) 30-minute monthly follow-up check-in calls with Coach Angela after your experience for accountability. This will ensure that you are set up to go from inspiration to implementation.

What Happens During a 1-Day Intensive?

You will recieve a pre-expereience workbook & packet as well as a 60-minute strategy call with Coach Angela to go over the details, determine your focus and goals for your time together.

One the day of your intensive, you will have (2) 90-minute sessions before lunch with a break inbetween, followed by another set of (2) 90-minute sessions. 

 What Happens During a 2-Day Intensive?

You will recieve a pre-expereience workbook & packet as well as a 60-minute strategy call with Coach Angela to go over the details, determine your focus and goals for your time together.

One the first & second day of your intensive, you will have (2) 90-minute sessions before lunch with a break inbetween, followed by another set of (2) 90-minute sessions. After the first session, you will be free for the evening and have time to do any homework that is assigned for the next day.

What About Travel, Food & Accomodations?

All travel and accommodations will be handled by the coachee and is separate from The VIP Immersion Coaching Intensive. Our team is happy to give recommendations for lodging and food destinations. If LIVE, light breakfast, snacks, drinks and lunch on the days of your intensive will be provided. (Coach Angela is a "foodie" and believes in nourishing the body as well as the soul during your experience.)

What About Travel, Food & Accomodations?

Coach Angela and her team will choose a location near the The Woodlands, Texas that feels warm, inviting and luxurious for your experience. Located, 28 miles from downtown Houston, The Woodlands is a master-planned community with plenty of upsacle shopping, lodging and dining.
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